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Originally Posted by Endless619 View Post
Come on guy. A lot of us bought new decades ago and even within 5 years. FACT is we did what you did, learned from depreciation and moved on. Yes, we lost money and now a lot of us buy CPO cars. In reality it's the smarter move, regardless of what you or I think. You can keep on saying that but a lot of us have already "been there done that" and learned from that.

Not trying to be a dick here but I bought a $90,000 car built by me from the dealer. Now fast forward to 2013 and that car can be had for $40k or less. So what if I had 1 of 100 in that combo/color in 2002. Means nothing today, absolutely nothing.

Now lets get this back on topic and I will not debate what I know or have experienced over and over with my 15 owned cars since 1991.

Good day sir!
Come on, guy. Yes, my car will depreciate. Yes, it will be worth way, way, less in a few years. I learned basic finance years ago, thank you. In fact, I said that originally and I simply don't care. Did you not miss my post earlier in this thread where I pointed out to OP that many E92s are really $40K cars in perfect condition? Would I say that if I was ignorant of the concept of depreciation? Or someone who cares?

I'm happy you've owned 15 cars, but the fact is that the one car I want wasn't available CPO. So yeah, I bought a car that will lose more money because I wanted to buy the car. That's how I choose to spend my money. I don't care what you do with yours. Okay?

Now let's get back on topic and stop trying to poke our nose in other people's financial business.
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