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Originally Posted by Efthreeoh View Post
No it's not a problem. For the last time I've already said I don't have an issue with the Tesla S itself as an automobile, I have an issue with the business case for it. You keep comparing it to an M5 for some reason. I wouldn't buy an M5 for a daily driver either. Who gives a shit about an M5? But if we are going to discuss the M5, I'd bet the S63 would last far longer than 125,000 miles. If we are going to consider the Tesla S in the category of the M5 and the Jag XK, and the Benz S Class AMG, Audi S8, then the company will not stay afloat, as those low-rate production cars (based off of higher-rate domesticated models) are built by large corporations, where engineering, design, testing, and manufacturing costs are spread over a large range of vehicles. The particular niche market for the M5 is very small. If that is where the Tesla will compete, then I don't see the company surviving regardless.

As a transportation device the Tesla is just too expensive to operate. Build a 3-series size electric with a similar lifecycle cost of a 3-series and I'd seriously consider it, but Tesla is not there yet. I think the battery design has a lot to do with it. To provide the proper cooling and heating to keep the battery in the optimal temperature range, the battery has to be laid out in the 5 x 8 configuration, so a smaller Tesla may not be a viable design.

I have driven the Volt, however. I think the Volt is every inch as revolutionary as you think the Tesla is. The Volt is a fantastic car. It drives incredibly well for fuel efficient economy car. But for my commute, where roughly half of the miles I drive would be under electric propulsion, there are other ICE-powered models that are less expensive in lifecycle cost. If I lived where my commute was average 40 miles a day, the Volt would be in my driveway right now.

As far as my intellectual curiosity goes, well if you don't consider ownership and use of an electric garden tractor in the early 1970's as open minded about alternative vehicles, then I can't convince you otherwise. Heck, even my current motorcycle is unconventional: a 1999 Honda Valkyrie Interstate - Full-dress tourer with a flat 1500CC six cylinder engine.

You're lucky if your ABC suspension last 30k miles on that S63 lol it will never make it too 120,000 miles unless you have deep pockets expect at least 5-10k of ABC cost every 2 years easy if not more I would never own an ABC suspension car with over 50k miles what a disaster I'd pay off a CPO m3 in 5 years of owning it just to keep the S running properly.