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Originally Posted by stealth.pilot View Post
No offense but get your head out from under a rock.

Honestly that's as off target as saying Rolls Royce won't survive because Maybach went under. One is brilliant and the other a product of incompetence. Tesla is going to thrive.

Tesla has a fantastic product, a brilliant operations setup and top notch management. I have an order down on one and I'm not easily taken by upstarts. The Model S crushes the BMW 550i in every way except road trips that are over 300 miles round trip. In my own car I have only exceeded the daily capacity of the battery twice a year, and for those scenarios I have another car.

Read my review here:
So you think the Model S interior is worthy of it's priced because I think they really screwed that up. The car has an interior comparable to a chevrolet leather lol. Do they still fly in their tech too service centers? My buddy had a horrible experience with his waiting on a tech to be shipped out too him I think they really need to step up the dealer system with techs on place but maybe that was just Canada.