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Drive with dsc/esp off within your driving skill/comfort.
Be safe , thats it .
I have been driving rwd gas and diesel trucks for 17 years.
My most recent one is duramax chipped too 800 lbs/feet.
Allways dsc off winter or summer .
My old tuned subaru didnt have esp ....
My 1M and my grand father's GTO didn't have dsc....
My mom's 78 maverick either....Back when people used to go cross country during the northern winters on "all season" radials in powerful rwd cars and trucks either.
Beeing scared and over cautious about cars is like having " mean world syndrome " when you think about visiting other parts of the world , thinking everyone is after you.
All this has nothing to do with good drivers, bad drivers , careful drivers, young drivers , old drivers , talented and scared drivers . Living in this universe is accepting that anything and everything can happen .
I'm not better than the best , nor am I worst the the worst.....But I sure as hell know my limits , and if one day I kill myself or (god forbid) someone else while driving , it'll be within the reasonable limits I impose on myself .
The rest is just the equation trying to even itself out , like Neo would say !!!
People are ALLWAYS gonna crash and die.....ALL walks of life people.
Unsafe AND safe people are gonna die in cars .
And it is subjective to point the " unsafe" sign at someone since some people have absolutely no control and knowledge about driving even when they think they do .....But unfortunately , even if it stinks to think so , some people are better than others at stuff. You just need to know where you stand .
I'm a good golfer , and would love to kick Tiger Woods ass at it! But I never will.
But I will never ever drive with dsc/esp on, unless its pouring or I'm just cruising on the highway .
Much respect to anyone reading this who has ever lost someone in a car accident.


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