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Originally Posted by llis View Post
Here's my translation of what's going on in their minds: How much of an asshole are you?

Most people, whatever their income, don't spend a lot on their car(s) -- especially if they have kids. They get the minivan, Subaru, Toyota, whatever, and judge you for not doing what they do. If you spent a lot, that makes you an asshole in their mind, especially if they're envious. If you didn't spend a lot and got value, that makes you smart, you beat The System. The lowball guess is a courtesy, especially since the car isn't flashy like a Lambo or big like an Expedition.

Layered on this is the attitude many people have that BMWs are somehow expensive and ostentatious, even if you get an old one. Some years ago, my friend bought an 8yo E39 530i for 15k, and people who were spending 30-45k on their minivans and SUVs were judging her for being indulgent. Tribal attitudes are very odd sometimes.
+1 Well said.
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