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Originally Posted by PrometheusM3 View Post
Thank you for contributing this thread by masquerading your opinion as fact. You buy CPO cars because you're cheap and don't care about color; others order Individual cars because they want to pay for something they like and enjoy.

Since you insist on quantifying your arguments, the color was actually worth $5K to me, because that was the extra cost of the Individual paint added to the price I paid. The brand new Individual build M3 with 0-5 miles on it, that I get to spec exactly to my personal preferences (try finding a moonroof on the lot, for example), and know that she's all mine and built just for me with every single option I wanted....yes, that's worth the remaining $25K which I paid, gladly, for the pleasure.

Maybe someday you'll experience that joy yourself. But if you don't, please remember, your view of other people's decisions is not a fact, it's simply a worthless opinion. Thanks.
Sorry man didn't mean to hurt your feelings. Its your money do what you want with it.