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Originally Posted by M3Now! View Post
I understand your point, but don't agree that it's always within your control. If some car suddenly swerves into your path, what's "within your limits" there? Or someone clips your rear corner and suddenly you're sliding straight at that telephone pole? You can't predict that, and if you don't have time to complete the correction, you don't...
Agree, this is exactly my point. Nothing to do with one's abilities. Older cars didn't have them and people lived on, mobile phones didn't exist a few decades ago and people lived on, but why deny oneself and others of a safety net if it's there in the first place to help make things safer when the unforeseeable happens. By all means, anyone can turn it off, but do it at the right time and place.

Originally Posted by SenorFunkyPants View Post
Thats why you drive (non DSC equipped cars) within the cars and your ability.
The problem with DSC is that it gives a false sense of security, all the constant unseen corrections that the system makes when the M3 is being driven at speed gives the driver a confidence in his ability that isn't always warranted....consequently you can arrive at that "unexpected emergency situation" faster than you should.
Coincidentally Tiff Needell used to supervise some Porsche driver/track days in the UK in the eighties. I was at a one of his held at Donnington where we practiced the exact lane change swerve manoeuvre that you see in the videos (without spinning!).
I'm not at all suggesting to switch off DSC but noting that its use carries a danger in itself....You cannae change the laws of physics, go too fast and DSC is not going to save you.
I agree, at 70ish mph, it is perfectly possible to perform an avoidance manoeuvre without loosing control, but can you 100% guarantee that you can maintain control after such a manoeuvre, especially when there are a lot more variables on the public road.

The benefits of stability systems far outweigh the notion that it may somehow lure people into a false sense of security. I'm willing to bet that the average driver drives no different with it on or off, and probably isn't aware whether the vehicle has one either. DSC on or off, a numpty behind the wheel will always be a numpty, but I rather his car have stability systems on than none at all.

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