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Originally Posted by f32458 View Post
I checked the M settings yes I didn't see MDM but there is like a sport plus or something which to me is equivalent to MDM. Is it just the names or it is actually different? Thanks!
The euro M3's MDM software is less restrictive than US cars, that's all I'm saying.

euro-MDM setting itself is not distinguishable on the idrive screen. It'll still say MDM, it won't say Euro-MDM on your idrive screen.

To select MDM on an I-drive car, you need to have it defaulted on under the M-Settings in the i-drive. MDM is activated when you then hit the M button.

2008 models, some cars did not have M button (MDrive option not purchased), therefore those cars did not have MDM selection. Recently, we found out MDM can then be coded back into these cars.