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It appears that heís more or less eliminated the two way miss of the tee, under pressure last year he developed a nasty habit of smother hooks, Iím assuming due to tension. He still has that off the planet push every now and then, but TBH as long as he keeps it in play he should be fine. Augusta is not a course that takes kindly to big misses though, so heíll have to be sharp. I expect him to be. Love how his wedge game has returned as well, he was so average inside of 150 the last few seasons, it put a ton of pressure on his putting. Agreed on the ďis he backĒ BS, itís nonsense. Iím pretty confident it will be a long time before we see someone play golf like he did from 99-02, what he did at that U.S. Open will never be repeated. Complete mastery of an extraordinarily difficult sport/game.
I agree, but because he has eliminated that side of his game, certain holes may be harder/longer for him than they will be for somebody that can work the ball consistently both directions. As the long game has become better and better, he has been able to focus on the short game more and more. I agree, Tiger being mediocre from inside 150 was just odd, and it's nice to see that part back to where it was, more or less.

I have to root for Stricks as well, given that I golf with him from time to time and him staying loyal to my current place of residence. If either him or Tiger win, I'll be more than happy.

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