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Originally Posted by sensi09 View Post
When I was younger, it was all about pre-drinking in the car before club and those were some of the best times.

Don't let girls use you for drinks. Unless you're talking to her or dancing with her for awhile, I wouldn't get her drink.

You always gotta pre-game, you'll end up spending a fortune on the bill at the place (at least for me because it takes me forever to get a buzz going).

As stated, don't buy some random girl you met 2 seconds ago a drink. Waste of money. After you buy her a drink she'll probably disappear in the crowd and you won't see her for the rest of the night anyway. And if you're going to try and "talk" to a woman at a nightclub, don't go to the nightclub; because you can't hear shit.
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looks like unicorn vomit.