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Originally Posted by M3Now! View Post
Or when you run into an unexpected emergency situation at speed. Sometimes there simply isn't room for the correction.
Thats why you drive (non DSC equipped cars) within the cars and your ability.
The problem with DSC is that it gives a false sense of security, all the constant unseen corrections that the system makes when the M3 is being driven at speed gives the driver a confidence in his ability that isn't always warranted....consequently you can arrive at that "unexpected emergency situation" faster than you should.
Coincidentally Tiff Needell used to supervise some Porsche driver/track days in the UK in the eighties. I was at a one of his held at Donnington where we practiced the exact lane change swerve manoeuvre that you see in the videos (without spinning!).
I'm not at all suggesting to switch off DSC but noting that its use carries a danger in itself....You cannae change the laws of physics, go too fast and DSC is not going to save you.