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RWD only.
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Clubs are useful for two things:
-random flings
-going with a party for a special occasion

Not useful for:
-any remotely meaningful interaction
-finding classy people
-avoiding cocky phaggots/entitled sloots

It might just be me, but if I'm going to a club with fewer than three other friends and/or my lady then it's basically a race to grab some overpriced drinks so I can tolerate half the people in the club and become drunk buddies with them for the night.

I prefer the half-bar-half-club scene. Usually the crowd is much better and the music isn't so ear-fuckingly loud that it stomps out your conversations.

If you do go to a club and you're looking to score, which will be your goal 90% of the time, then dress sharp, wear brighter clothing (keep it tasteful), don't go full retard on the drinks, and don't be that guy that just sits around on his cell phone or staring off in space. Keep your pace up and play the numbers game when it comes to starting conversation. If you get turned down or lose interest, keep moving on.

Just thinking about this make me glad I've got a girl and don't have to deal with this bullshit.