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Originally Posted by dsm918 View Post
The difference is that 95% of the cars driving at 75 mph are not 400+ HP cars. Also they are not RWD with tons of power. IMO the problem is not so much about the speed you are driving at with the DSC off, it more about the ability to put down sudden power to the wheels that spins the car out of control.

A prius, camry, civic, accord, kia, etc is going to have a far far less possibility of losing control when you stomp the gas compared to a E9X M3 with the DSC off.

If you have the technology, USE IT and save the DSC off for the track or a controlled environment.

You really never know when that DSC will come in handy. An emergency cam come up anytime, even when driving to the grocery store.

Here is something I posted 3 years ago............
I didn't know he was flooring it while jerking the wheel.