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Originally Posted by ROB_S2K View Post
Fascinating it is but costs are much more prohibitive for essentially same or lower amount of power.
The cost/power ratio with supercharger is definitely better. On the other side I often ask myself, do you need so much power? Excessively supercharged M3 loose their balance in my opinion and without seriously improving the traction on the rear axle you can't really use all the power at the race track. Apart from that you will also have to deal with overheating issues and this would mean further expensive tuning.
For a daily driver it's also quite ridiculous. Even the 400hp stock are more than enough. Especially in countries like the US where you can't really drive faster than 65-80MHP on a public road.

With a stroker you get that extra power kick, without going too crazy and being too hard on gearbox, engine, diff etc. Although I still have to agree that the price you pay doesn't correspond with the power gains. That's also the main reason which keeps me from doing it.