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Originally Posted by 414bhp View Post
Actually, I have a few questions about the track life of this kit. You say the car is tracked 6-7 times a year - how many hours of track time would you say that is? Also, how many hours of track time do you get out of your track pads before they need replacement?

Thank you in advance!
30-35 hours of at speed track time altogether. Pads usually last about 2-3 track days. A lot of that will depend on how hard you are on the brakes and how fast of a track it is. When I run Miller Motorsports in SLC, their outer loop has an almost 1 mile straight and I will hit about 155-160 in the car. At the end you have to stand pretty hard on the brakes, I can usually get maybe 2 track days running that configuration on a set of race pads. Other tracks I have driven, I can 4-5 track days on a set of pads.

Rotors will last much longer though, these had around 5k miles on them and they also were used for daily driving as well. I probably could have left them on there, but they were starting to get some heat stress cracks which probably been ok to run on the street for awhile, but on track would not be wise. That is what makes this kit nice as you can just replace the rotor rings when they are worn out and the pads just drop in from the top, so you dont have to remove the entire caliper to change pads. Complete pad change takes less then 20mins.

The bad part about the E90 is its just a heavy car and it takes a lot of energy to slow it down, so that makes pads wear faster than other cars. I have friends that are running stripped out Porsches that weigh around 2400 lbs and they can make their pads and rotors last much longer, but I also used my car as a daily driver and stripping it was not an option.

Unfortunately that is the cost of going fast!!