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Steering Wheel Vibration

Hi, (Wrong section, Thought I posted this in wheels and tires)

I noticed that at about 18,000 miles I had a steering wheel vibration between 70+ mph with the original continental tires and matt schnell spacers.

I had the tires changed at 23,000 miles to the PSS and kept the matt schnell spacers. The vibrations were really bad, worse than before. Anything about 65+ was a violent shimmy.

I looked up reviews and thought that it may have just been the spacers as some users said that the matt schnell caused vibrations. I ordered turner motorsports spacers and had them installed.

Now after they were installed I mistakingly thought there were no more vibrations, and it was very smooth.

This is where it gets strange... The vibration is still there, and it is anything above 75mph. However, it only vibrates for 1 mile at a time. It will vibrate from 23001 to 23002 miles, and then not vibrate the next mile 23003. Then 23004 will vibrate again. Every other mile vibrates. It's really weird because when it isn't vibrating it is very very smooth. What could this be?

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