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Originally Posted by stealth.pilot View Post
No offense but get your head out from under a rock.

Honestly that's as off target as saying Rolls Royce won't survive because Maybach went under. One is brilliant and the other a product of incompetence. Tesla is going to thrive.

Tesla has a fantastic product, a brilliant operations setup and top notch management. I have an order down on one and I'm not easily taken by upstarts. The Model S crushes the BMW 550i in every way except road trips that are over 300 miles round trip. In my own car I have only exceeded the daily capacity of the battery twice a year, and for those scenarios I have another car.

Read my review here:
I think the Tesla S is a fantastically engineered product, but so was Beta video tape. The issue is simply this: Tesla is trying to compete against a 100+ year old technology that has been improved upon every year of it's existence by funding the product creates on it's own. The automobile was a new transportation technology that basically competed against the horse. It was a far superior technology that offered immediate and gainful benefits over the horse at a lower total operating cost and rapidly took over as the leading transportation medium. The Tesla S does the opposite of that. It offers a more expensive device, with less range, and longer refueling time. It offers no immediate beneficial gain over the ICE-powered automobile.

The business case for the Tesla S does not bode well for a successful outcome. Tesla will need serious financial support for a long time for the product lifecycle cost to come anywhere near that of an ICE-powered automobile. The technology of electric cars will have to be subsidized by very wealthy entities until such time the lifecycle cost of it matches that of the technology it is competing against. It will be an artificial market place created by Government policy that will make it a success; that is the only way it will work. IMO, as a tax payer, it is not worth it.

In your specific case you state you have another ICE-powered car for trips over 300 miles, what does that say about the technology? It says it is not ready to replace the ICE-powered automobile.