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On other forums I'm on, this is what's known as 'fishing'. You say something completely: 1. pointless, 2. stupid, or 3. childish for the sake of invoking a reaction. The normal reaction from senior members familiar with fishing comment on how many 'fish you've reeled in'. In this case, a lot of you are suckers. Do you really think a 23 year old from Chicago has never been to a bar? Do you really think you're going to explain with some comments on an internet forum on how to pick up a woman in a bar/club/rave? This dude is fishing.

For instance, if I made a post about "How pathetic BMWs have become lately in the performance department. New M3 with only 450 HP for ~$80g+? Please." it would invoke about 300 people to respond and tell me I'm retarded and babble on about performance specs and so forth, and it would be a successful fishing trip for me.