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Originally Posted by son_of_siggy View Post
Why not? We don't know where the next innovation is. And frankly the "having to remember to charge" is a cop-out. You have to remember to fill your tank with gas. You have to remember to change the oil, spark plugs, air filter, etc in your car. All things you don't have to do with electric.

The only separation at this point is that charging can take 2-3 hours, whereas filling up takes 5-20 minutes depending on travel time, waiting in line, etc. With adjustments to how you operate it's a non issue. And frankly, for the 15 bucks a month I pay in electricity, versus the 200 a month I was paying in gas, I'm happy to make the adjustments. And when gas hits 6 a gallon, or wherever it will be in 3-4 years, I'll be even more okay with adjusting my schedule to charge.

Technology WILL get there. Look at how far things have come in the last 5 years.
I'm curious to where you live that you pay $15 dollars a month in electricity? Hell that's how much I get charged for "distribution fee". I live in a decent sized apartment about 1000 Sq feet, set my thermostat to an efficient 68 degrees, turn off lights when not in use, hardly use my surround sound, unplug unused appliances, and in general try not to unnecessarily run up my bill and I still pay about $85 bucks a month.