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Originally Posted by GOLFFRR View Post
beast!! another ESS missile on the road!

Originally Posted by chris3g View Post
i wish i didn't see this, now i will be disappointed when i get my new 625 kit on the dyno and come nowhere close to these numbers

This is maybe the highest 625 numbers that have ever been posted?
These ESS kits are amazing, so I'm sure your build will produce a lot of power. I've been told this may be the highest for the VT2-625, so I am curious if Roman @ ESS can confirm it?

Originally Posted by Longboarder View Post
Wow extremely impressive! This is 25-50 RWHP higher than mine and I've got a smaller blower pully and a 8,600 RPM tune.
Thank you! Apparently I have one of those freak motors from production.

Originally Posted by UBER ///M3 View Post
just insane! pure beast!
Thank you!

Originally Posted by DLSJ5 View Post
And SOME people claim EAS has a glory dyno.

OP, Good #'s, congrats!
Haha, thank you sir. These numbers are no where near yours but I appreciate the kind words .

Originally Posted by NikB316 View Post
What shop did you go to for the dyno? Always looking for a good DynoJet in the area. Great numbers - never seem a 625 kit put this out. Is the kit modified? I'm sure people would appreciate any more info on this beast!
Thanks! A few of us including 1SICKM and Boosted-M went out to ICS Performance in Stamford, CT. The kit is straight from ESS with no modifications to the kit.

Originally Posted by 1SICKM View Post
Nice numbers Jeff! This car also dynoed 370whp stock! You've got a strong motor...
Thanks Scott. I'm just glad my car eventually cooperated. The first few runs were frustrating.

Originally Posted by NikB316 View Post
Damn 370whp stock!? Very sweet. Sounds like you got one of the special production ones! I think 370whp is the highest stock # I've heard of.
Thanks! Here's a link to my stock dyno run before the blower was installed. The only mod I had on was an axleback Eisenmann exhaust.

Originally Posted by Phanto///M View Post
Impressive engine man. Those are the highest 625 numbers ive seen so far. Got a chance to see your car at the meet last sunday and it sounded badass. Congrats man.
Thanks! So many people kept telling me they thought my car was stock until I popped the hood or revved my engine with the open valves lol.

Originally Posted by kchu221 View Post
got damn those numbers... haha im really jealous..
Join the fun!

Originally Posted by Boosted-M View Post
It was a great night on the Dyno and congrats!!

Jeff - I still can't get the stain out of my pants from the ride in Izzy's car
Thanks sir. Haha, yeah it's amazing how smooth and powerful Izzy's car is.

Originally Posted by img View Post
So awesome Bro,told you since day one when we got a baseline that your car is a monster. Congrats Bro !
Thanks again Izzy! I told you from the beginning my car was faster than yours, as long as you give me a 10 car head start.

Originally Posted by j2m View Post
That's serious fukin power
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