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Originally Posted by njmarro View Post
Rotor hats are different color because of heat, these cars are quite heavy and produce a lot of heat when braking, hence why I opted for the st60's on the fronts. I have never had any brake fade with this setup. I usually track my car 6-7 times per year. The rotors rings were all replaced less than 1500 miles ago. I can usually get one to two seasons on rotors unless i run Millers full course in Salt lake several times which speeds will hit 155-160 on the almost mile straight and then they last about one season.
Actually, I have a few questions about the track life of this kit. You say the car is tracked 6-7 times a year - how many hours of track time would you say that is? Also, how many hours of track time do you get out of your track pads before they need replacement?

Thank you in advance!