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A quick comment on raves: they are nuts. Girls (and guys) will come up to you dressed in the weirdest shit ever and start dancing with you unprovoked. Drugs everywhere. Girls there are better to talk to. The music tends to be higher-energy too with more electronic and fewer "top 100" joints. If you're careful you can have a really good time at one especially if that kind of music is more your thing.

As for other clubs and bars, the best advice I can offer is to watch your tab. It's incredibly easy to run up a triple-digit bill when everything you drink costs 15 bucks and you're buying drinks here and there for other people.

By the way, there are women who go to all of these places with the goal of scoring free drinks. Won't even bring money, just an ID to get in with. They'll take advantage of your generosity and they're good at what they do. Don't fall for the trap because you're not getting laid out of it.

On that note if a girl explicitly asks for you to buy her drinks, she a ho, move on.

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