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Originally Posted by dmk08
How is driving with it off any different then the mass of people driving cars without DSC in general at 70mph? I never turn it off just wondering.
No different of course, but the point is, if one has DSC, and if you are amongst pedestrians and cars, why risk an uncontrollable situation (regardless of skill). By all means, have fun when the time and place is right. But no one should be 'macho' and the videos above clearly show even top notch drivers cannot match stability systems at speeds that everyone does regularly. And I'm pretty certain those 2 drivers are more experienced then even the pro racing drivers here (no disrespect) - as far as I know, no one here is an ex-F1 driver or one that can match a F1 team test driver for lap time the first time out in a recent F1 car.

There is good reason why despite the rise in vehicle population in developed countries, collision rates have generally not gone in the same direction, despite increasingly powerful average cars - engineering and stability systems have a lot to do with it.

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