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Originally Posted by STi_traitor View Post
To be honest with you I am not sure. I haven't played in that area with it being a High revving engine. The area I start really playing in is 4K minimum. Anything below that is boring with our engines IMO. Why are you curious about 1-2K?
I like being able to start in second on a roll, comfortably engage first on steep hills etc, and i like being able to slow down/downshift and ride the revs down to 1.5k OR SO in 3rd, maybe 2nd, approaching stoplights/traffic/idiots. Sometimes the light goes green, they get out of the way, u get mad and gas it to go around, and you find yourself under 2k but in 2nd or 3rd and thats where i noticed a huge loss before i put the stock system on my e46 (yes this was post cat delete in the system but it had two resonators and muffler so idk, it DID help. the dyno and butt dyno showed it. I just hated noticing a big loss down there when i got cams/headers on the e46 (mostly cams i know, but i did them same time and I've read cats make a difference as well). When i put back the STOCK catback system i loved her again b/c she started pulling linearly and not like a boosted car lol. Well, not boosted, but you know what i mean.

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I will say the AA Signature X-Pipe I installed replaced the primary cats with HFC's and replaced the secondary ones with resonators. I didn't notice any lag in any lower revs. I ran it for a week before I did the stage II tune. I hope that helps.
Awesome. That is really good news especially since I think the tune would only benefit it in the lower revs. So, with HFCs or stock secondaries you did not seem to lose low end torque pre tune, good to know. When I can afford the tune soon here I will ring Mike Benvo and have him explain the pros/cons of cat delete and 2ndary cat delete as far as back pressure, low end power, etc...

Just making sure i still wanna save for it