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Originally Posted by Kanweezy
He is driving a car way quicker then then a m3 ,But you have to consider an everyday situation, driving to the grocery store with dsc off isn't gonna throw the car into a reverse spin
How is 75mph way quicker than an M3 or any car for that matter? If anything, the Gallardo is a lot more stable given its chassis design and low centre of gravity compared to most other regular vehicles.

Also, why would you need to turn DSC off on the way to a grocery store? Unless of course it's a quiet back road that you are familiar with.

The videos are purely there to illustrate how top notch drivers can't beat DSC/ESP at regular speeds, which clearly means that the average driver or even the enthusiast/track day warrior should be weary of driving with DSC off on public roads when there are other cars or pedestrians around. As no matter how skilled you are, you cannot foresee and compensate for every situation in an uncontrolled environment.