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Originally Posted by Iron Man View Post
As I said, I don't care about other manufacturer's sales. My statement was more to the fact their sedan sales are dropping pretty dramatically, so I was calling them a SUV company sarcastically. (DUH!)

By the way, I see why Porsche has to do it pretty much to stay in business, and in case you did not notice, their two door sports car sales were all up dramatically with the new 911 and Cayman/Boxster, so they are going up, while BMW sedan sales are dropping. Also, the Panamera is a sports sedan that reinforces their sporting heritage, so more than 50% of their sales are sports cars/sports sedans. I like how you conveniently quoted % of sales with respect to the number of doors, ignoring the Panamera.
for someone who doesnt care about Porsche... you sure READ up a lot!

let's not forget that Porsche is rolling out some new SUVs as we speak.. so don;t expect that trend to last! And... I didn't manipulate any figures just forwarded an article.

Has it occurred to you that that the most recent vehicles that BMW has come out with are SUVS? X1.. new X3.. x5.. once 4 series coupe comes out along with the F20 1 series then BMW car sales will be on the rise again...

Also note how the BMW SAV lineup in the US undercuts their sedan siblings. the X1,and , X5 all have base prices lower than theirc coupe/sedan counterparts. I think we all know why the X3 is priced above the company cash cow, the 3 series sedan.. which actually gains a 320is model to further boost it's share in the import small sedan category. BMW wants to keep that recognition.

Oh.. and.. unfortunately the "sarcasm" in your post just didnt come through my friend. better luck next time.

PS... the moral of the story is the same. BMW is selling what the US market wants...and Porsche as well.
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