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Night clubs? to begin?

Well how about you show up to have fun with friends? You are young, you are healthy, you are with friends and you have the money to enjoy a good time.....which makes you better than a good number of people in the world.

Pregame a little with friends, show up with friends and have a great time with your friends!

As for meeting girls? Dance smile and enjoy life...becasue well what woman wants to be with a guy hiding in a corner upset at the world?

Clothes.....anything bright will do. Please don't wear black....or white.
simply put..if you are in dark colors no one will see you...not your friends and not the cute girls! And well you want to be noticed!

Now you could wear something of a color so bright that makes blind gay men scream...or you can simply wear a nice black shirt with a bright pink tie? Or a nice pink shirt with a bright white tie. And it doesn't have to spe spendy. This is one of my favorite shirts to go out with....

I'm not the best looking guy at the club...and i'm not rich either....but I'm that guy in the shirt that says "Hi im' here i'm happy and how are you?"