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Originally Posted by ///Matt.BLU View Post
congrats and a huge upgrade indeed. Still, i find it quite funny that you were looking at the A3, mini, and the m3. its not even close to the same price range.
Yeah, my mindset i want something practical or do i want what i really want?? Then on the forums someone posted, "practical = boring" and i couldn't have agreed more.

Originally Posted by sswanson15 View Post
Congrats...I bought my first M3 10 days it...Alpine White.
Originally Posted by ridin135 View Post
Congrats Man you will love the car. I to fell in love with the E46 M3 and have always wanted one. I picked up my 13 alpine white M3 two weeks ago and couldn't be happier.
Originally Posted by blitzboy76 View Post GOD, dude! You have MY car! Picked 'er up at the Performance Center Friday! Almost 100%, except the black kidneys. Haven't gotten them yet, but I will. Everything else, from CF spoiler to Fox Red/Black...yep! Congrats!

I am really loving mine, as I'm sure you are yours. I have also waited a long time for mine, and it surely has not disappointed! I'm loving these colors! That Mineral White has me doing a double take, whenever I see it out in the parking lot at work! I just think it's a really, really nice combo. Again, congrats!
Congrats to you guys as well!! Blitzboy, our cars are twinsies!! I never paid much attention to the difference between Alpine White and Mineral White previously. They are both beautiful colors, but i am absolutely in love with the Mineral White now. I can't stop staring at it when i get in and out of the car!!

Originally Posted by Peahi View Post
Wow!! Major upgrade. I still have a beast myself, toy 4x4 236k.

You already had the premium sound of the s65!!!
Yeah no kidding, i find myself having the radio/audio turned down just so i can hear her purr. Even better... my girlfriend loves it too!!!

Originally Posted by W/// View Post
Hell of an upgrade! Congrats.

I was the same way about the M3, especially the E46 and E92. I actually remember skipping class to watch the unveiling of the E92 M3 concept. Almost have to pinch myself everytime I open my garage
Yeah me too, i just smile everytime i walk into the garage.

Originally Posted by esquire View Post
you don't know how much of a favor you did yourself by getting the premium sound. the difference between the premium and non-premium is literally NIGHT AND DAY.

evidently it's the most powerful sound system bmw has ever put in a car. and it shows.

you might not have wanted it, but you got it. and you got it the right way.

congrats on the beautiful car. love mineral white. and a big high five to your girl for prodding the whole thing along. a good gf nudges - but doesn't push or demand.

now let the modding begin!
Yep, i dont regret having it one bit. More is better, right??
I LOVE your car by the way. Awesome choice with the Dakar Yellow and you have it VERY tastefully modified. You have amazing taste good sir.