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Originally Posted by DLSJ5 View Post
The ACG car, Stage 2, did make 630whp, but maybe he had additional supplemental mods that others don't. My buddies Stage 2, Josh made 608whp STD, and I saw that an SL63, I think Stage 1+, made 603, but I'm not familiar with what additional mods may do, and how Weistec lists the power, as most know the 63 can pick up a lot with headers, etc. Either way, they've made more than the advertised power, which is good and not uncommon in every platform. From the many runs I've had with friends, C63's, BS, CLK, etc. they have always needed more power just to run even with me. It's ironic that my best # is "667" too, lol. Either way I admire both setups, and we've had a nice civil discussion here.
Drew, have you run any other Weistec stage 3's besides Jim's? If so whose was it? I would have thought the outcome would have been the same, Jim is running the standard Weistec Stage 3 with no funny business. He is running MBH longtubes with cat delete on a pump gas tune and ran Shell URT this weekend. Car was dyno'd with that fuel as well. Maybe the cat delete is the difference on any stage 3 car you may have raced in the past???? I would have absolutely no reason to lie about the set-up.

On a funnier note, Joseph is going bonkers over there on his site, he made it so Jim can not post and is flaming Jim and I left and right LOL