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Originally Posted by m33 View Post
I'm simply saying HP per liter doesn't make sense ... That's all , I would think/expect it would put down more power.
Ask any decent tuner they will say the same.
I do no think the big 6.2 L Benz motor revs quite as high as your S65's do, that could be part of it. What does Drew's car weigh in at? Jim C BS is a tad over 4100 pound with him in it. I really can not explain it either but his car is making 667whp. Drew met us, I am sure he will tell you we are straight shooters. We were not hustling for a money race we just wanted to run the baddest E92 on the planet to see how the two stacked up. Domestic guys have their Ford vs Chevy grudge matches and I guess us Euro guys have our AMG vs M Power rivalry. Jim is a fair guy, he already posted on another forum that he believes the race would have been closer had it been a 1/4 mile and offered Drew a rematch on a quarter mile. Drew felt his car was not running totally up to par and Jim will gladly run him again. I believe Jim is doing a private rental at Famoso in a few weeks, as soon as I get the exact dates I or Jim will let Drew know if he wants to come out and take another stab at the Benz. jim and I live in chicago so the cars will be getting shipped back here right after the 1/4 mile event so if there is going to be a rematch it will have to be in the next few weeks.