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Originally Posted by m33 View Post
I personally always made claims and had dyno charts and data to back them up , unlike you I'm proud of what I own and drive , and as far as your unbeatable comment goes ... Well there's always someone faster, now back on topic, I think the power ratings are low based on what I believe that car can make with 11 psi. You stating that Weistec rates power low is exactly what has been said in this thread, thank you for agreeing. These cars are either under rated "as you stated" or they are underperforming. My guess is they are making more power than what is being advertised.
Where did I say they are quoting low numbers???? I posted a link toi Weistec's website for God sake. The car made 667whp the day before the event on a Dynojet dyno. If numbers were made on a Mustang dyno I would agree but I think we all know Dynojets probbaly read on the high side, right? Why are you trying to twist my comments?????

I just refered the owner of the car(Jim) to this thread, he is laughing his ass off. He said the car is sitting at Weistec and if anyone wants to go pick up the car and pay for dyno time and the car makes anything over 675whp he will sign the title over to them and fed ex it to you and the car is yours. The car will have the same 76mm pulley it had on it at the event this weekend. If the car makes 675whp or less please PayPal him $1000 for his troubles.......any takers?

As for being proud of what I drive, I am extremely proud of what I drive, I am into road racing and I constantly spank cars with WAYYYY more hp than mine on road courses, what I am not proud of is people with attitudes like yours that think just because one car beats another the car that won is cheating or making false claims. many frigging experts out there

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