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Originally Posted by DMW2315 View Post
Never been on the track like that. When you're coming up to another racer in front and about to overtake them, I assume the left arm out the window signaling means he/she is giving you the go to pass?
This is an instructors only run, so we give the nicety of a point by.

Originally Posted by Thurman Murch View Post
This is what I like to see...

Was weight saving a part of this race program?
No, this was a road car, so it had to be taken down to near nothing and built up.

Originally Posted by shivaswrath View Post
Were you at VIR recently? I swear I saw you...or your car.

Nice build!
Wasn't me, sorry.

Originally Posted by W/// View Post
And it's a 6MT. Even cooler. Beautiful build, and that sound is music to my ears.

Originally Posted by jeff4598 View Post
I don't track my car but based on what I'm getting on the street I would suggest two Dinan additions: Rear racing toe link and front control arm mono-balls. Don't think they conflict with anything you have done and they take a lot of "mush" out of the car.
MCS Suspension with GC parts. No mush here.

Originally Posted by monsta View Post
Louis good to see you on the board....I've been on ride alongs in this car last year, these pictures don't do this car justice being inside and seeing it in action IRL is amazing

Thanks Bill. See you soon.

Originally Posted by dogbone View Post
How much does the car weigh now?
3180 Dry.

Originally Posted by DrakeKemper View Post
Beautiful car, looks fun. But I sure hope you never need that door bar to hold up. Janky terrible job on it. Bent unproportionally and terrible welds. I've needed the cage before and trust me, its not something you want to leave in the hands of just anybody. Might want to get that checked out.
Drake, have you built many cages in your past? Since I didn't build it, and it was professionally done, passed tech with NASA and BMW, I'm not sure what you mean by Jenky? The bars are actually angled with a modified Nascar door bar for ease of entrance and exit in case of fire. There is no structure issue and the foot well is re-enforced. I've had the car looked at by the likes of Pheonix Motorsports, VAC, etc and all love the work. Perhaps you just need to see it close up.

Originally Posted by karussell View Post
What series are you racing in? BMW CCA club racing? SCCA? Car looks great. Have a great time!
BMW and SCCA. BMW will run in GP but I have to add weight as I've cut a little too much. Car has to be at 3750 dry to stay in class.

Originally Posted by jetbill View Post
Just wondering how are you able to get over 4 degrees of camber? What hardware are you using? I can get about 2.8 with the Vorshlag plates, that's about it.
Camber caster plates from GC + Ride height. I don't always run -4, more in the realm of 2.5-2.8 depending on track. The splitter and wing provide enough downforce to prevent under/oversteer.

Keep the comments coming folks, I truly do appreciate it.