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Originally Posted by Drifty// View Post

Does anyone know of a reason NOT to buy the AP kit? Have there been any bad experiences with it?
I have to say that the AP kit has been the most trouble free mod I've done to my car. They've gone on the car and just worked. And I've tracked them on 108 degree track days where the track surface temp is 130 degrees---no issues. 10 laps in and they feel the same as lap 1. Again, I'll say----don't screw around with cheap brake fluid. Get SRF. It's also interesting to see how an r-comp like Hankook TD can really work the brakes even harder with that extra grip. And again, the brakes don't care. They come in to the pits literally with the pads smoking hot!! Smoke is pouring from the brakes---still no change in performance. The consistency is pretty amazing.

I just want to say again that pad choice for the track can lead to a WIDE arrays of "feel". I can't emphasize this enough. If you don't like the "feel", switch to another pad. It's amazing how different an experience different pads can give you.

When you get the kit, make sure to do a proper bedding procedure for the rotors. btw, the front rotors are generically listed as 36mm thick when new, and there's a 2mm wear range. So, it's commonly said that the rotors are worn by 34mm. This is not quite accurate. The 368mm rotor is ACTUALLY 35.6mm thick when new. There still is a 2mm wear range, so you should replace them at 33.6. One might say, who cares about 0.4mm. Well when your front rotors are $900 and you only have 2mm of wear, 0.4mm is almost 25% more life from the rotor!! (Btw, what I'm saying has been verified by Stillen.) Stillen looked into this discrepancy. Hehe AP's response was basically, "hey, we're not on the metric system over here in England!" Turns out 35.6mm is EXACTLY 1.4 inches. Anyway, just thought you might be interested in that tidbit.

Good luck! I'm curious to hear what you think if you get them.