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Originally Posted by CBS View Post
I understand and respect your statement, I hope to offer another perspective.

I SC'd my M3 along with a few other mods so I have created a track/street car that is unique and what I've always wanted. Granted it will continue to depreciate but to me that's irrelevant since I maintain it and know I plan to keep it for a long time. With diligent maintenance I'm hoping that will be 150k+ miles.
I appreciate positive support! That's what I'm looking for...

I love my m3 very very much, but to keep going I need to keep modding (). I need to upgrade the brakes, the suspension, I want the lux lights, I want a cat back, I need track wheels, etc etc... and so far I'm over $15k in... the only thing that bothers me is the high mileage and depriciation that comes with it