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Originally Posted by chonko View Post
Drive train losses are not a fixed percentage, but rather fixed number.
Parasitic Torque losses= Friction coefficient X Rotating Mass X Radius.
Frictional coefficient is higher at lower RPM, and does change with RPM.
By using lighter materials in the transmission, you can reduce the drive-train losses.

Audi has higher losses because the rotating mass (Quattro drive train) is more than the that o RWD system.
For one you are contradicting yourself here, you say the loss is a fixed number, which is false, then you say in the formula is it a function of rpm, which is correct. Your formula may have some correct features but is wrong as well, a simple check of the units will tell you that (watts is not equal to mass x distance). An AWD has more losses becuase of the number of lossy interfaces, gear interfaces and bearings, etc, as well as the larger rotating mass involved.