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Originally Posted by accordingi2ime View Post
those of you with french bulldogs... or boston terrier...
does your dog shed a lot?

My frenchie sheds like crazy. When I was researching for the breed before I got mine (3 years ago), I was lead to believe frenchie's were right to no shedder. Mine didn't shed when he was a puppy but after about a year... started shedding.
Most of french bulldogs I've been around barely shed at all. Mine... there's fur everywhere even if I lightly brush against him.
I am using furminator to brush him everyday to get rid of dead hair but I am hoping there is a more permanent solution... like specialized diet or supplement. Any advice to control shedding on short hair breed?
I have a Boston and he really only sheds noticeably when he's hot, or if you pet him a lot. Just normal day to day, he isn't that bad. We use a special medicated shampoo for him though, because he gets dandruff fairly easily with the normal stuff. As far as diet, we recently switched them to a homemade diet; Chicken, vegetables, pumpkin, and some other stuff and that seems to be helping (both of our dogs) with their coats and their allergies.

Maybe ask your vet for a different pet shampoo and/or try switching up the diet? Also, not many people know this but commercial dryer sheets are terrible for your dogs (and humans), too. Especially if you use them when drying their bedding and or things they lie on and breathe in constantly, it can have an adverse effect on them. We switched to a reusable, non scented dryer sheet and it also seemed to help their allergies, which in turn could help with shedding.