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Originally Posted by KingOfJericho View Post
It takes you 5-20 min to fill your tank with gas??? I didn't even wait that long during hurricane Sandy and those lines were epic. You fill up when you're on the way somewhere. You don't make special trips to fill up with gas...

Also, if you're so fuel conscious, why do you drive a CTS-V?
Travel time to and from the gas station is included, and yes sometimes it takes 5-20 minutes to fill up by the time I count going out of my way, filling up, getting back to the route, etc. We also live in a town with 20k people and 1 gas station. I'm sure if you actually timed your fill-ups, not from when you actually put the filler into the tank, but inclusive of detour, waiting in line, entering the card, etc it would add up to more than 5 minutes.

And not everyone lives directly in line with a gas station where it's convenient to fill up on the way to/from work. But again, we adjust our lives and make behavior modifications to make things more efficient, and we'd learn to do so with an electric car. What's more efficient than filling up at home? I get home, get out of the car, grab the cord from the wall and snap it in. In about 10 seconds I'm filling up. And once the technology is there to actually decrease the fill time, and/or increase the range people will be falling over themselves to not go to the gas station.

I don't drive a CTS-V anymore. I just haven't updated my profile. I'm all for performance cars as well, which is why I'm a big fan of the Tesla. I'm not a tree-hugging go-electric everything type of car enthusiast. I still enjoy the 10mpg muscle car or whatever the flavor might be. I just try and offset it with someone that is as efficient as the other car is powerful. I'm also not the type to say we should pull government funding for future innovations, or not take risks investing in risky/undeveloped technology. And this early into electric cars I think it's ludicrous to simply write them or the technology behind them off. Look how much the ICE engine has developed in the past 100 years.

And FWIW the CTS-V was a Gen 1. Not that 26mpg is fantastic, but a stretch more than the 18-19 the new monsters get.

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