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This thread is PERFECT! Just picked up a 2012 E92 M and I was looking for what people pushed these cars to. I plan on doing 19x10 F 19x12 R. After seeing a lot of the 11" rear setups and now that last E90 with 12" rears, i'm soooooo pumped. 12JJ with 295/30 is my goal. I don't want to stretch too much on this (I get the idea, M owners probably hateeeeee that) but at the same time I don't want a huge fat tire hanging over the beads of the rims. I ordered a set of kw club sports because it came with linear springs and I figured it would give me more inboard clearance to fit a big wheel. I know the old E46 cars have issues in the rear and I did not want to run into any suspension swaps down the road.

I'm not new to this, so hopefully my old cars will help weed out that I am not a noob and will get the idea. Any help is appreciated. For now, im just trolling. lol

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