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Originally Posted by partlowr
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The weistec stage 2 makes 630whp, how does the stage 3 only make 30 more?
Wrong, their stage two makes about 570, it makes 672 crank. Stage 3makes 770 crank.

Here is a link to Weistec's website, argue with them about their claims, I would think if it made more power they would gladly advertise it, not too many tuners out there lowballing their hp claims, but plenty of them inflating them. This is why I am sometimes embarassed to be a BMW owner, some of you guys are stubborn, mis-informed and think your cars are unbeatable...did a lot of you guys own Mustangs in you early 20's lol?
I personally always made claims and had dyno charts and data to back them up , unlike you I'm proud of what I own and drive , and as far as your unbeatable comment goes ... Well there's always someone faster, now back on topic, I think the power ratings are low based on what I believe that car can make with 11 psi. You stating that Weistec rates power low is exactly what has been said in this thread, thank you for agreeing. These cars are either under rated "as you stated" or they are underperforming. My guess is they are making more power than what is being advertised.