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Ok, so I've contacted the appropriate sources. The straight through exhaust is ridiculously loud, and sounds worlds apart from the perforated exhaust mod. It is so much louder that very few people would be able to tolerate it, and that's without even removing the secondary cats. This option isn't even an option for the majority of us.

Going back to the Mesiterchaft, it was the GT exhaust that I heard. Again, extremely loud but the exhaust tone is amazing (significant improvement over the perforated exhaust mod) but with drone around the 3000rpm mark. Even this exhaust is too loud unless you drive weekends only.

So looks like I need to find someone with the slightly less loud Meistercraft High Performance Touring exhaust. Anyone in the GTA have this exhaust??? I would appreciate hearing it in person.

I'm down for a group meet, it's been a while since I last went to one.

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