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Originally Posted by b0bab0i View Post
Your iPhone 4 is faster than 4S and iPhone 5 even though they have more ram and faster processors? I find that hard to believe especially if you have dreamboard which is a ram hog. Not sure if srs or retarded.
No i'm not running dreamboard when comparing how things open and close using the same apps of course. Its a great conversation piece when your sitting around the table after work with your co-workers. they would put their iphone 5 down on the table and we would open the same things up... then mine looks like its loading faster than theirs and get all pissed off that they didn't really need to upgrade to the iphone 5 etc.

Here's a quick comparison vid of a 3gs vs 4... i guess you be the judge. This tweak really just takes the animation time away but that shit takes time to load.

stop trying to be a badass ..."not sure if srs or retarded"