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Originally Posted by BuckRodgers View Post
Drews car is 414 CHP stock and with 11 psi makes 750+ CHP. The BS is 510 CHP stock, with an 11 psi twin screw on that motor running race gas and an ice tank it had to be making at least 825+ CHP. If the BS was running all of the above and not making at least 700+ whp something is wrong with it or that kit is not very efficient. My guess is it was making easily over 700 whp.
I was at the dyno an hour before we loaded the car on the trailer to head to the event, number was 667 and change on a dynojet. Anyone that was at the event knows where the Weistec pit was, you could not miss it, the hood of the C was open all weekend, anyone could have walked up and seen the 67mm engraved on the pulley, measured the pulley and inspected the car. Go to the Weistec website and you will see where their Stage 3 includes a 67mm pulley and makes 10.5psi. JRCART is running a stock transmission, the trans simply can not handle more than 675whp, that is a very well know fact. They can make over 1000whp with that 3.0L blower and motor with a built trans, JRCARTS CLK is proof of that, he is make 960whp with that car and that is a detuned 960whp. Jim/JRCART, Weistec or I would have no reason to lie about the hp. Could you imagine the backlash of Weistec customers that are buying these Stage 3 Weistec kits and bolting them on if one of them run into JRCART at an event and got murdered? Weistec is promoting JRCARTS C BS as a Stage 3 car with road race cooling mods, the car even had a pump gas tune on it. Go to a MB forum and do some investigating and you will see that everything with JRCARTS car and the way it was prepped and run this weekend is consistant with other Stage 3 C63's. This was not a street race, there was no hustling or cash involved so there would be no reason to lie.

Furthermore, who cares if he really was putting down 750whp(but it was not)???? That would just make the BMW M3/S65 look even weaker than it already is by way of comparison to the AMG M156 63 motor wouldn't it? We are already sitting here comparing a stock internals/stock trans C63 with a pretty much fully built M3. If we were comparing apples to apples we should have lined up Drew's car with Jim's built motor CLK. You guys would not have like the outcome of that race. I am what you call a neuteral thrid party, I am a BMW guy, even had on an ///M cap all weekend getting crap from the Weistec crew for wearing it, but a built/blown S65 does not stand a chance in hell against a built/blown M156

Wait until JRCART gets his SLS Black Series, he is getting the first one in North America, it will be getting the full Weistec treatment and it will be putting dow 1000whp and the car only weighs 3300 pounds