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Originally Posted by partlowr View Post
JRCART's C BS was putting down 660whp at this event. He is running the Weistec standard 67mm pulley that makes 10.5-11psi boost. That is the standard pulley that comes with the Wesitec Stage 3 kits. He was running a standard Weistec stage 3 pump gas tune but he was running race fuel in the car at this event this weekend. His car is running all stock internals. Car is built for road course track days and weighs 4100 pounds with him sitting in the car.

JRCART's CLK Black Series is putting down 960whp, runs on DR's and skinnies up front and also weighs over 4100 pounds.
Drews car is 414 CHP stock and with 11 psi makes 750+ CHP. The BS is 510 CHP stock, with an 11 psi twin screw on that motor running race gas and an ice tank it had to be making at least 825+ CHP. If the BS was running all of the above and not making at least 700+ whp something is wrong with it or that kit is not very efficient. My guess is it was making easily over 700 whp.