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One more joins the party

Guys and gals,

I am pleased to say that after years of patiently waiting to join the M club, i am finally a member! I fell in love with the M3 ever since i first saw the E46, every single time i saw that car, i was salivating at the mouth . When the E92 came out, it took a little while to grow me - the E46 just had a soft spot in my heart that i didn't think would ever be replaced.

Then came my first experience with the E92, a friend purchased one when they just came to the states. He let me behind the wheel and let me push it on some back country roads. I was hooked, even with three fully grown adults in the cabin, the grip was phenomenal and the power was never ending. The acceleration even approaching triple digit speeds just never let up.

After YEARS of my family and friends listening to me talk about my love for the M3, now i can finally say that i have my own! My hand-me-down junker (99' Toyota Camry in "shit brown", as we called it) finally crapped out on me. It was known by me, my gf, friends and family as "THE BEAST". The car just kept on chugging along even with all the crap and abuse that i put it through. It never let up and never complained! I took it on long road trips to the snow-covered mountains, camping, to back country trails, and off-the trail roads that were definitely not meant for a low clearance family sedan. There were definitely some hard thuds of giant rocks hitting the car's undercarriage that sounded like it hurt. I didn't give a crap about what people thought about the car and i don't know how my gf put up with it for so long; but she is awesome like that. We even rolled up to a posh Beverly Hills hotel and had it valeted.

Anyways... few weeks ago the beast died on the freeway, the timing belt broke and the cylinder head was shot. Rather then fixing it up, I decided it was finally time to get it replaced. I was looking at a mix of Audi A3, Golf R, Mini Coopers, E46 M3 and E92 M3. Then we found a brand new E92 M3 optioned exactly how i wanted it.

I instantly fell in love with as did my gf. It had the following options:
2013 E92 Mineral White with Carbon Fiber Roof
Premium Package
Premium Sound
Heated Seats
Fox Red/Black/Black Seats
BMW Apps
Factory installed CF spoiler and black kidney grills

I could of gone without the premium package and premium sound but it wasn't the end of the world. Everything else was perfect, the car was perfect. We both test drove it and we fell in love. My gf (of 8 years now) wanted the car as much as i did. If it wasn't for her loving the car as much as i did, i don't think i would of purchased it. But thankfully she did! And she is totally all for making some cosmetic changes such as removing the ghastly orange side markers, changing the chrome side gills for black ones, and replacing the white air vent on the hood for black ones! The break-in period cant come soon enough!

That is my story, hope you all enjoyed it. Attached is are photos of the retired beast and the new beast!
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