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Originally Posted by dreamspeed View Post
Were you able to fill up the tranny quickly with the spray bottle? Thinking about how much liquid shoots out from a spray bottle it seems like it would take forever?

And is the consensus you don't need to activate the pump to try and drain out the remaining fluid? You just need to drain it from the drain hole and refill like a standard tranny? Thanks
It wasn't quick but it got the job done. You can buy a transfer pump for $15-20 at a local autoparts store that will probably be quicker. I rather spend the time than the money but that's just me. Both ways work fine.

The amount of fluid in the pump and transmission cooler is about 250 ml according to a previous post. That is about 10% of what the transmission takes total in fluid. I did not activate the pump but my fluid wasn't that bad. Whether or not activate the pump, I would use your own discretion and consider taking it to a shop or dealer since there is no home tool to activate the pump at the moment. If it has been well over 30K miles or driven on many track days then getting that last bit of fluid out might be a good idea.

If you don't find the pump activation necessary, then drain and refill like a standard tranny.

Good luck with everything.

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