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Originally Posted by SKFlatlander View Post
Wow count me as another one informed by the Sticky. I just made a deal on 2013 M3 and the business manager pushed me to include the tire and rim protection because of the run flats on the car and how they can't be repaired. Now where I live and the fact I am getting 19's I feel the rim coverage is good, but am still choked that I was misinformed about the tires.
Of course the "can't repair run flats" is mostly BS too. The issue is if you actually drive the RF tire without significant air in the tire (i.e. at least 20psi or so) for a significant distance (greater than a couple of miles). On our E90 330i, we've had four flats since it was new, and each time as soon as the warning goes off, we've stopped, checked which tire it was, and put air in it. All four of those flats were repaired just like you would a normal tire. Oh, well, three of them. The fourth one was a big sidewall gash that happened on I-85 at ~75+mph when hitting some nasty pavement in a repair zone near Charlotte a few years back. That was one time a RF sure was nice to have as a "regular" tire would have instantly deflated.

"Dealerships" love the "you can't repair runflat tires" BS since they get to offer you a hugely marked up price on said "required" new tire. The flip side of the coin is that they do not want to assume *any* liability by fixing a RF flat on the off chance that the tire was driven without any air long enough to do sidewall damage (and hence actually needing a new tire).
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