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That's basically been my plan, i'll wait until 50K or until issues arise, as of now (knocks on wood) the car is running strong at 44K. At 50 Iíll be doing walnut, tranny flush, oil, possible OFHG, plugs, and M3 control arms. I want to run meth for the summer but my dreams of retaining CPO still exist, and Iím too lazy to be pulling lines every time I need to take the car in. Itíll be hard enough getting work done with downpipes.
I had it done around 40k, but a lot of that had to do with problems that existed and trying to rule things out. In the end, I'm glad I did it, but don't know that the difference was enough to justify the cost at the time.

I gave up on trying to take everything out ever time I go in. I know all the techs, and just schedule straight through them when they have time for any kind of minor warranty work. My SA just always wants to know what else I have done since the last time I was there. Getting everybody a little something around the holidays has really paid off for me since I never get bothered about things anymore.

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I won't really say I'm having problems...but when I give it gas and carry it to about 5k rpms, it just seems like it's lagging and at a loss of power. Feel like the carbon build up might be part of the problem....

At 40k miles right now

Oh there will be pictures!
I'm not saying that it isn't a problem, just may be something that if the money isn't there, can wait a little bit. I know when I had mine done, there was a difference, but I'm not sure how much of that was the placebo effect going on as well because of what I was expecting.

I'm looking forward to seeing how that intercooler turns out, will certainly be interesting to see what you think of it when it's all wrapped up.
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