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Originally Posted by kotik View Post
F1 cars have a form of MDM, so do Le Mans Cars, so do DTM cars.... there was a vid of DTM driver explaining MDM slip angles. It's not a bad thing to have on a track. Say Nordschleife, you better be rich to run without. Many pro's crash on the ring.

I wish we could program MDM more than euro mdm... I think US is 4% slip vs Euro is 7% slip. Wish we could do like 10-11%... I just need that little bit more....
F1, Le Mans, DTM etc are top of the food chain race cars. Multimillion dollar engineering, big stakes, competing to win etc.

It's just silly to compare them to our peasant street cars we drive at DEs on Sundays. There is no DE championship or stakes here.

Learn to drive with your own steering, throttle and braking inputs. It's also more rewarding.