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Originally Posted by TrevorM3 View Post
For a c350? Did you mean C63? Lol.
Originally Posted by mdosu View Post
$58k for a C350 is insanely high. that car is worth no more than $45k-$50k new, and that's even pushing it....say 6% tax, you paid $ insane. I wouldn't pay anything close to $1 over $45k

Remember I live in Canada so the pricing of a car is always 10% higher than what it is in the US. Also in Canada, they offer the 4-Matic which is essential for winter for an extra $3,500 which brings the base price to $48,000. The car would have cost around 63K but I managed to get some off.

The c63 on the other hand, was $77k-$80k in Canada. It's crazy that there is such a large discrepancy between Canada in US. I really don't understand why, maybe it's because demand is slightly higher in US thus transportation will be cheaper compared to Canada?
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