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Hah! There are no endurance racing "sprint calipers", and no sprint racing "endurance calipers".

Every racing caliper has a design goal - sprint calipers don't weigh very much but the cooling is epic. Endurance calipers are heavier, but changing pads is a priority, so they have removable bridges, if they even have bridges at all; many have spring clips and no bridges.

Before you can pick a caliper that works for your actual needs, you need to understand the differences and decide what your specific goals are. If you don't know how the real world works, you'll decide that you want a light-weight endurance caliper, and sure enough, some skilled marketer will realize how gullible you are and sell it to you at a staggering price. It won't actually deliver, but regardless, you'll put the stickers on your car and pretend it does.